Text Assignment

  Word: Nostalgic    One of my drafts for Nostalgic:   Word: Sensitive     Screenshot

Artists(Art 341)

Professor: http://www.jeffreywhittle.net/ All images come from Google search   Alice Neel American, famous for portraits, Ashcan school of Realism, Cuba themes of motherhood, loss, and anxiety Depression, communism, female nudes, feminist     Peter Doig Scottish, figurative painter, landscapes   Edward Degas French, dance/dancers, “classical painter of modern life”, movement     Lucien Freud British, portraitist,…

Reflection: Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet

2017 Winter A really good friend of mine recommended this to me. She is currently studying comparative literature at UPenn. Our friendship began when we were in high school in Singapore. She once said to me, “maybe every writer wants to become an artist”, and I replied, “or maybe every artist wants to become a…

Work at CDVL

I started working at the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy this semester. During shift: Appointments: Most of the students who came for the appointments needed me to work with them on how to create a post or page on WordPress for their class assignments. Updating D-portfolio: I added more posts and organized my categories&menus….

Image Process: Form and Meaning

Originally posted on Dec 11, 2016   This semester, I took Art 144 Visual thinking/digital processes. I had little experience with art before, though I am always fascinated by great artworks. Back in China, many teachers and students focus more on developing skills and techniques, prioritizing a firm foundation over creative expression. The practice of…